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Our mission is to provide fast, efficient, and reliable partnerships to the best of our ability.


we specialize in the trading and distribution of a wide range of food and beverage products. Our expertise lies in efficiently sourcing, handling, and delivering these essential consumer goods to meet the demands of our valued customers.

We have established strong relationships with reputable food and beverage brands, allowing us to offer a diverse portfolio of products. From fresh produce to packaged goods, from beverages to snacks, we ensure that our inventory encompasses a comprehensive range of options to cater to various preferences and dietary needs.


Our Trading and distribution process is carefully designed to ensure the timely availability and optimal handling of detergents and cleaning products. We prioritize quality control measures, proper storage conditions, and efficient logistics to maintain the effectiveness and safety of the products we handle. Whether it’s liquid detergents, surface cleaners, or specialized cleaning agents, we are committed to delivering these products in the best possible condition to our customers.

Additionally, we understand the importance of keeping pace with evolving industry trends and customer demands. Therefore, we continuously engage in market research, monitor advancements in cleaning technology, and expand our product offerings to include innovative and eco-friendly detergents and cleaning solutions.


Pampers, BabyJoy, Always, Fine,
Kleenex, Mouchoir, Cinderella etc.


Head & Shoulders, Pantene , Pert Plus, Herbal, Silvkrin, Clear, Dove, Sunsilk, Fair&Lovely, Fair&Handsom, Nivea, Vatica, Parachute, Johnson, Vaseline, Lux, Cleopatra, Dettol,Imperial, Rexona, Gillette, Lifebuoy, Cinthol, Palmolive, Jergens, Lux, Enchanter, Vicks,Closeup, Colgate, Signal, Pepsodent, Crest, Nair, Sunsilk, Ponds, Yardly etc